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Welcome to - This site has been set up to highlight the ruthless monopoly that major supermarkets have gained (and are increasing) in the marketplace. The site founders are dismayed at the decline of their own town, due in the main to the presence of large supermarkets.

Think About It
  • Has this happened in your home town?
  • Do you agree that the presence of these supermarkets contribute to decline?
There will be much more to come in the near future - Until that time, please feel free to download our poster.

Some Recent Letters to

"I was in Carmarthen the other week and noticed a Tesco minibus picking people up and taking them out of the town centre! Couldn't hardly believe it! so blatant, don't people make the connection? "

"I counted 5 charity shops along one street in Caernarfon and 3 empty shops. If the charity shops had to pay the same rates as the other shops and had to pay all their staff then there would be another 5 empty shops. This seems to be the same in every town I come across yet supermarkets still get permission to take over and suck every pound they can out of our towns and communities so they can fill far away coffers."

More Info

For a more in depth view of exactly what's going on - Take a look at

We request that posters are not displayed in locations which may upset anybody or deface private property. Please be thoughtful when putting posters up. You could display them in your own windows or on your local notice boards or even better - on closed down shops, and remember, if your printer ink is water soluble (most are) then posters may need to be laminated if you want to display them at outside locations.